Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to Basics: Foundation (Includes pictures)

I recently realized that there are some people out there who don't have the slightest clue about make up and are maybe overwhelmed by the idea of it, but they really want to wear it. This could apply to anyone, old or young. So I thought that as my first post it would be fitting to start at the beginning. At the beginning of most things there is a foundation and its the same for make up. You want your face to be ready for the make up you are about to apply. You want your make up to look its best so foundation is essential (for most people) as a first step. Some very lucky people have perfect skin and don't use foundation so I guess this particular post would not be for those people. Foundation is primarily used to even out skin tone and to cover flaws in the skin. 


1) How do I find my foundation color? The most common mistake is using the back of your hand. Your hand is usually darker than your face so you should always look at the color on the jaw line. 

2) What do I use to apply my foundation? I use a damp cosmetic sponge or wedge. (Note: You should never use them dry. Also, if you wash them with warm water and mild soap after use, you can use them a few times.)  Some people use a foundation brush, whatever works for you.

3) I put some "globs" of foundation on my face:

4) Then I just pat it out (or stipple) to blend: 

After foundation:

You can see that there is a definite difference and my skin tone look a lot more even with foundation. I used Boots No7 mousse foundation.

You can use a stippling brush or foundation brush to apply as well. (Stipple = to apply in dots or short strokes.)

Please keep in mind, this is the BASICS of foundation, there are different kinds of foundation, numerous brands and what not. You just have to experiment and find out whats best for you. I suggest going somewhere like Ulta or Sephora (or anywhere with a make up counter) so you can try a variety of foundations without having to buy loads of them. For more detailed information you can visit:  Wikipedia: Founadtion (cosmetics)

I hope this has been helpful. Please feel free to comment with any questions and thanks for reading!

***I am NOT a professional make up artist. This is just what I have learned through watching MANY youtube videos and in my own personal experience doing my own make up.***


  1. Thanks, Hezzie! I am so excited about this blog...I do wear make up, but I know there is so much I am missing out on. I have a question, what kind of skin care do you use or recommend?

  2. I don't really do a whole lot to my skin. I use a basic cleanser (its a generic for Neutrogena) and I use a gentle exfoliate every now and then. I also use Epielle Cucumber Cleansing wipes almost everyday, usually to remove my make up. I get the wipes at Christmas Tree Shop. Most important thing is to cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate about once a week and protect your skin from the sun. Are you looking for a specific brand to use?