Wednesday, January 18, 2012

UK haul Part 2

I love these palettes. I think they're super cute. But they're a little difficult to use.So far I've only used the gray and black one. I had a lot of creasing. I'm not sure if it was from the primer or from the product itself though. But the color payoff is great.  Plus, they're super cute!
I've used this bronzer but I haven't used the eyeshadow yet. I liked the bronzer but I used it more as a blush and not like a true bronzer application. I love packaging, that's really what drew me to it. As far as the eyeshadow, the packaging is plain but the colors are pretty.

Barry M dazzle dust and eyeshadow trio. I've used the trip once, not impressed with the pigmentation.If you're going for a more soft look then it's great. I haven't used the dazzle dust yet.

Britain's Next Top Model make up brushes. I haven't used them yet. They look really pretty and I love that they came with tweezers. I don't think they will be spectacularly life changing but I just liked them so I bought them.

This palette is so cute and I can't wait to use it. But I have a very similar Mirabella one. I really liked the packaging though and I couldn't resist. I might be giving the Mirabella one away since I have this one now.

I have a few more lip glosses than the ones that are pictured here. My husband bought me the ones with the "R" and I bought the other two myself. And I bought the 2True eyeliner myself. Overall I'm happy with all of these products.

These MUA eyeshadows are a steal! The pigmentation is amazing. They're so creamy and blendable. I'm in love.

I love these liquid liners but I used the glitter one and it burned my eye. I didn't even get any in my eye. Not that I could see anyway. So I thought that was a little strange. A product that is supposed to be used near the eye and it burns? Hmm. Anyway, the colors are great and I will definitely get a lot of use out of them.

This eyeshadow was a random one. I saw it and I love the color so I bought it. Its really pretty. This picture doesn't do it any justice.

 I haven't used this palette yet but I think it's really pretty. I've used both of these lip vinyls and I think they're amazing. They're really opaque and not sticky at all. Love them.

This is the Primark bag that all this make up is in. I love this bag. I think its so pretty.

I think that's everything. There's really no way of telling though lol I really want to start doing videos but I'm pretty clueless. I have a camera and I have a video editing/movie making software so in theory I can make videos. But there will be a steep learning curve. But hopefully in the next 6 months I can get a video or two out there.

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