Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Favorite Brushes

We all have our favorite brushes that we can't live without. You know the ones, the ones you use everyday even though you have dozens of other brushes. Well, these are just a few of mine. I'm not sentimental about any one brand, I just buy whatever I think looks like it will work.

From top to bottom:
Micabella Face  brush. I won  this one on Makeup Talk . I've not heard good things about this company but I love this brush. It blends really well. I believe its synthetic. It was designed for mineral make up but I find that it works well with all make up.

BH  Cosmetics Crease Brush. This brush works really well for the crease. I only just bought it and I've used it twice but its fabulous.

Sonia Kashuk Foundation Brush. I bought this one at Target as well. I'm not keen on using it for a foundation brush but I love using it for my concealer.

If you own any brushes from "Real Techniques" then you will know exactly why I love these two purple ones. I wish I had better pics but I've been messing around with my camera and lighting and it took me forever to get these and then I just didn't have any more time and I really wanted to get this post up. But I think you get the point :) 
From top to bottom:  
Sonia Kashuk Brush: I recently bought this one. Its not intended as a crease brush but thats what I use it as. And I sweep the clean brush over my eye lid after eyeshadow application just to give my eyeshadow a softer look. 

Up and Up Creas Brush:  I bought this one from Target. It was $1.99 and its my all time favorite brush. It works amazingly well for the crease. It makes blending a breeze. 

Real Techniques: I bought these from Ulta. I'm not sure what they're officially classed as by the brand but I use the small one for my outer "V" and crease and I use the bigger one to add a light wash over of color under my brow. 

I just washed these brushes and the bristles went a little funny shaped on me. These are synthetic. 

For Real Techniques Brushes, just visit the link. You can also find more info about their brushes on their web site. 

Three more brushes that are also synthetic. 
Left to Right
ELF Eyeliner Brush: I use this brush for my gel liner and my cream liners. What else can I say about it? It works great.  

Sonia Kashuk Smudge Brush: Again, this brush does exactly what its designed to do. I use it to smudge eyeliner on the lower lash line for a smokey look and on the upper lash line for a soft eyeliner look. I also use as a precision brush to apply eyeshadow.

Not Sure What This One Is: I have had this brush for years. I don't even know where I got it from. I use it to apply eyeshadow to the lid. 

I saved the best for last. ELF Flat Top Brush: I use it to apply liquid foundation and I have a second one for powder foundation. I also use it to blend my blush if I happen to have a heavy hand that day.

I think that's about it. I have tons of brushes but these are the ones that I use everyday. Because I am the only one who uses these brushes I do my best to thoroughly wash them once a week. I try to wash the ones that I use for my liquid foundation more often than that.

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