Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ELF Smokey Eyes (Pic Heavy)

I was at Target and I saw this palette for $5 so of course I couldn't resist.

I used this palette once before I took these pics. The second shadow down on the left broke the second time I used it. As soon as I touched my brush to it, it cracked. I was very disappointed. All of these shadows are super soft. The only thing I really like are the cream liners (3 in a row on the left.)
3 Cream Liners and Eyeliner
I'm glad I swatched the cream liner because I didn't realize there was a blue one. It looked black in the pan. 
This is a swatch of the top row with a primer base. (Claudia Stevens primer from Sally's beauty)

I suck at swatching, This is the second row. 

Third Row

It's typical of ELF eyeshadows. You definitely need a primer base, you can build on the colors, it's very powdery and soft. I've never had an ELF eyeshadow break before though. 

Overall I love the colors and the cream liners so for $5 I would buy this again. 

**Note: I bought this myself with my own money**

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