Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tarte for True Blood Review and Swatches

The set comes with primer, mascara, and full size gel liner.

First off, I LOVE this packaging! Its absolutely beautiful. It's the main reason why I bought this. I'm not really into "keeping up with the Jones es" in the make up world and getting all the expensive make up. But I love True Blood so when I saw this I just HAD to get it. It took me a while, it was on the expensive side and hard to justify but I'm so happy I have it.

I did some swatches. I suck at swatching but I did my best.

I swatched all of these with the primer that came with this set.

The pigmentation was quite good, every time I've used it my make up has come out spot on. It also blends quite well.

The shimmer shadows are actually quite glittery. Not always the best thing and not my favorite. But really it's only "waitress" that I find to be too glittery.  The silver one "The true death" is great. Not glittery but amazingly shimmery. 

I hate the eyeliner (emphasEYES gel liner). It's way too soft. As soon as I touch it to my eye lid, it smudges. The mascara is OK. Not any better than anything else I've ever used. As far as the primer goes, I've used better for far cheaper.

Overall I would buy this again because its True Blood. I'm glad I have it, I love using it but if it wasn't for the True Blood theme, I wouldn't buy it.

If there's anything I missed please feel free to ask!!

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